Our Story



Kuwait has reached a new plateau of modernity and evolved thinking; however artisan food has been lacking its respect. Local food produce is of the highest standards of freshness and taste; however, the local palette is obtuse in understanding the complexity of haute cuisine. Our main purpose is to educate and raise the bar of Kuwait's food culture by introducing people to flavors they've never experienced before. We seek to break down the stereotypical taste pallets, and to continue to introduce our guests to more complex and unusual delicacies. 

Our team consists of: Chef Faisal Al-Nashmi, a culinary arts graduate from Le Cordon Bleu and Faris Ali, the ambience and mood coordinator. Together we bring you the "Experimental Eatery", where you can indulge your senses with our innovative plating designs, food configuration, and robust flavor pairings. Everything from our pop-up restaurant experience, to our made-to-measure tasting menus and exclusive deep house mix tapes is meticulously studied and scrutinized.

We, at the Experimental Eatery, are supporters of the arts, and unceasingly collaborate with talented artists. Through our efforts, we are able to promote an illustrious pop-up restaurant.  Our themes emphasize the crossroads between culinary and visual arts, expressed by everything from installations to pop-up galleries.